Continuing the journey towards a skilled workforce for the sport and physical activity sector in europe

The SKILLS project has been funded under the Erasmus+ Sport Chapter for a 24-month period and will run until December 2021. The initiative has been built as a complementary initiative and follow- up from the ESSA-Sport project to ensure continuity and to keep the topic of skills development as high priority and at the heart of the sector. The overall ambition will be to maintain the momentum and build on the progress made during the ESSA-Sport project in the understanding of the labour market and skill needs of the whole sport and physical activity sector.

ESSA-Sport as rationale 

The European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity (ESSA-Sport) project which concluded in October 2019 was co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme (KA2) and provided a unique opportunity to engage the whole sport and physical activity sector at both the European and national level.

Important activities for the sector were implemented through the project such as :

The collection of new knowledge and statistics on the European sport labour market
The first ever European Employer Skills Survey
The first edition of the European Sport Skills Summit
The publication of a series of innovative project outcomes

ESSA-Sport broke new ground and was a clear a statement from the sector of its willingness to work together to further analyse and tackle the skills challenges that face the sector and hold it back in realising its full economic and social potential.  


The SKILLS project should be considered as a further step towards a skilled workforce for the sport and physical activity sector. The overall idea will be to keep up the momentum and to continue the expected work to identify the skills issues and perspectives, with the aim to equip the workforce with competences required by the labour market and for the sector to reach its potential, in line with EU policies and tools.

In addition, the project will continue to raise awareness about the realities and challenges of sport organisations, to encourage dialogue between stakeholders at all level, and to implement the necessary change regarding the sector needs to evolve and modernise in order to respond to its evolution and growth.

Expected outputs

  • A yearly summary fact sheet on the sport labour market in Europe

  • A summary paper with visuals on skills needs and challenges for the sector

  • Compendium of selected good practice examples towards a skilled workforce for the sector

  • An annual workshop “Skills and workforce development challenges in the sector” gathering European Sport organisations


The project brings together a good mix of partners having an active role in the journey towards skills development and modernisation of education and training systems in the sport sector: a national sport council, a sport club, two universities, and an employer representative.

Moreover, the five partner organisations have been actively involved as national coordinators or associated partners within the ESSA-Sport project and were selected to gather the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of the realities and challenges regarding skills development in sport across Europe.



ESSA-Sport resources

ESSA-Sport resources

Visit ESSA-Sport resources and look at EU-28 and national reports and fact sheets

European Research Report 2020

EU-28 research report

Latest available statistics on the EU-28 Sport Labour Market (2011-2019)

European Fact Sheet 2020

EU-28 Fact Sheet

Summary Fact Sheet with visuals and infographics  on EU-28 Sport Labour Market

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