Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS) – UK


OSS is Scotland’s first ‘think-and-do tank’ with a growing network of supporters and contributors from across the world, all focused on finding solutions to the big problems in sport, health and wellbeing.

  • OSS Vision: A healthier Scotland where every person can access sport and its wider benefits for life.

  • OSS Mission: To inform, influence and support stakeholders and communities to increase and widen participation in all forms of sport activity, and arrest the physical and mental health crisis enveloping Scotland in the 21st century.


  • OSS Values: Ambition. Collaboration. Quality. Independence. Informed. Sustainable.

The keys to our success are our relationships with and understanding of the people and organisations who deliver community sport on the ground, day in, day out, while our ability to fund and draw on academic research across Scotland and globally, supported by institutes and think-tanks across the world, helps us to learn from other cultures and share data and insights that have genuine impact on sport participation for all ages in our society.